Tyler, The Creator’s Strongly-Titled Album Is Coming July 21st

Tyler, The Creator’s Strongly-Titled Album Is Coming July 21st

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After teasing his fans with cryptic tweets such as “7 Days Boy!”, Tyler, the Creator ended the week-long countdown by revealing a new music video called “Who Dat Boy” featuring A$AP Rocky. But that wasn’t the only surprise Tyler was planning. He also released “911/Mr. Lonely” featuring his pal Frank Ocean and also Steve Lacy. To top it all off, about a week later Tyler announced his newest album, written and produced by the creator himself, will be coming around the mountain on July 21st. It’s called Scum Fuck Flower Boy. This is his fourth studio album, his last one being Cherry Bomb in 2015.

What’s interesting about the covers is that one was designed by Tyler himself, the other by artist Eric White. I’m glad Tyler pointed this out, because believe it or not I’m interested in minor things like that. Tyler also has a new show coming to VICELAND called “NUTS + BOLTS” premiering August 3rd. Did I mention he’s also developing a series for adult swim called “The Jellies?” Dat boy is certainly making moves, it just takes an album release to realize it all.

July 21st isn’t too far away, but in the meantime, check out the video for “Who Dat Boy” if you haven’t already. A lot happens. The tracklist for Scum Fuck Flower Boy is posted below.


01 Foreword
02 Where This Flower Blooms
03 Sometimes…
04 See You Again
05 Who Dat Boy?
06 Pothole
07 Garden Shred
08 Boredom
09 I Ain’t Got Time!
10 911/Mr. Lonely
11 Dropping Seeds
12 November
13 Glitter
14 Enjoy Right Now Today

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