Trek Life – Just The Music

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Trek Life – Just The Music


“Just The Music” is the first single from Trek Life’s upcoming album Hometown Foreigner releasing April 2nd digitally and April 9th on CD via Mellow Music Group.

Listen: Trek Life-Just The Music

To get my mind off it
I keep my mind on it
Turn the beat up loud to keep my high going
But I aint smoked no thang its just the rhyme flown’
It just the beats banging
That got me hydro’in
On another plain
Any time a day
All I really gotta do is just press play
Summertime, sunshine or in the rain
It make the world better
Been around forever
You know the time that you didn’t wanna smile
Then your song came on and made your day worth while
You sing it loud with your hands in the air on them long nights
Its like, it can make all your wrongs right
& Man I don’t really give a damn about the rumors and weak styles
I give a damn if ya’ll fools got beef now
You bank account man that aint my concern
Lay down the needle and let the record turn I want just the music

I give a damn about the drama and shit
Just keep the volume up to the tip
I want just the music
and you can miss me with nonsense
Just keep the volume up to the tip
I want just the music

Walk in the record store
I used to leave broke
They be like take me out to eat
I’m like please nope
That new jam finta drop it’s bout to be dope
and i’m finta cop and take in ev-er-y note
My heart probably pump breakbeats at this point
You grab a stethoscope and be like that’s the joint
I turn it up and let my soul feel free
Stuck in traffic it really never matters to me
Long as I got heat,Then I’m charlie sheen
Straight winning til the ended then its on repeat
Y’all fuss over formats
But I’m like damn that
Vinyl CD iTunes or band camp
cassette, Pandora, it could even be 8 track
I be like play that as long as it ain’t wack
My love for the music goes so far way
When I was just kid trying to dance like Mike Jack
Or sing like Prince and rap like Kane man
Or listen t death certificate feelin the same as
Any in that predicament
That’s why I’m still rippin it
So miss me with that silly shit
For real man just the music


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