Torae – Not A Game [Freestyle]

Torae – Not A Game [Freestyle]

Off the plane from Atlanta and back to work.

Listen: Torae-Not A Game

Fresh off a plane from the A
Right back in the K
In a champion hoodie like its back in the day
I’m so cool old school why I’m rapping this way
Plus the new niggas dress like they glad to be gay
Get it, glad to be gay one in the same
Unprompted I’ll never call you outta ya name
But if its a prob I blow a nigga outta the frame
And I ain’t gotta say pause cuz it isn’t a game
But I ball like it is tho Enuff & Quiz know
I’m about cheese like its Quiznos
And I Get Biz tho For the Record like the vid-ro
400 + what it is tho
Ok reload the istol
Reclap the pistol, rewrap the wrist tho
I’m back in this bitch yo
Kinda like I’m fucking my X
And the bitch love the D like she fucking with Hex
And I’m so on my G had to step in Giuseppe
Play the Barclay heavy but don’t fuck with the Nets
On my orange & blue thang
36 Chambers like Wu Tang my clan in the front what it do mang
RZA Gza ole Dirty Bastard
Torae, SK that shit is classic
So if you missed A3C
Barrel Brother in 2013

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