Tierra Whack: “Whack World” [Audiovisual]

Tierra Whack: “Whack World” [Audiovisual]

The last couple weeks in hip-hop have just been out of control, between all the rumors, the Drake vs, Pusha beef and whatever Kanye is doing, I can’t even keep up. However amongst all of this some incredible music has been coming out. A couple days ago my friend (peace to Breezus from Taste Creators) introduced me to Philadelphia’s own Tierra Whack.

Tierra Whack recently released her audiovisual project “Whack World” and my language isn’t the best here, but hot damn. First I strongly suggest listening to this through the visuals. Whack has created a 15 minute video that encompasses the project. It’s zany, it’s funny, it’s confident, it’s jazzy, it’s glamourous, it’s artsy and much more. Tierra Whack covers a number of topics in the 15 tracks that each last about a minute….see what she’s getting at here? My personal favorite is “Sore Loser” but I promise you there’s something for everyone here and amongst all the craziness going on in hip-hop, I refuse to let you miss out on something so unique and important.

You can peep the audiovisual above and you can stream the project below.

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