theDeeepEnd: “War, Zone” [Music Video]

theDeeepEnd: “War, Zone” [Music Video]

North Carolina’s theDeeepEnd is another one of my favorite upstarts coming out of North Carolina. You might’ve heard him on P.A.T Junior’s music, now he’s stepping out on his own getting set to drop an EP later this month. Before that though he’s bringing us visuals for the first single called “War, Zone”.

Produced by theDeeepEnd himself, the North Carolina artist waxes poetic, while keeping a flow that will have you repeating the track over and over again. The music video really puts a face and energy to the words theDeeepEnd is speaking. “War, Zone” is the first single from theDeeepEnd’s upcoming EP “Think Good Thoughts”. theDeeepEnd exudes a certain confidence while being in tune with himself.

Check the video below and get rid because “Think, Good Thoughts” drops November 15th.

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