thedeeepend: “Think Good Thoughts” [Album Stream]

thedeeepend: “Think Good Thoughts” [Album Stream]

North Carolina’s thedeeepend has been on my radar since I heard his verse on P.A.T Junior’sThere’s A Cooler Way” last year. The upstart is finally here with his first EP in “Think Good Thoughts”. Thedeeepend makes a compelling case for himself with this release, let’s jump in.

Off top, one of the things you have to know is that thedeeepend produced all eight cuts on this album and there are actually instrumental tracks dispersed throughout to chop up the project a bit. It’s clear thedeeepend is still locking down his sound, but you don’t get there by not experimenting.

Lyrically it’s clear the thedeeepend can spit, after the instrumental opener “Reservations”, thedeeepend explodes onto the scene with “Skeletons”. I’ve always been impressed by thedeeepend’s lyrical ability, but it’s his ability to bring energy on every track that will have you jumping out of your seat while listening to this. My own only beef with this project lyrically is that with a title like “Think Good Thoughts” I expected a bit more of a cohesive effort lyrically. I felt I got more flexing than dense substance. Some of the flows sound just like those I’ve heard from the radio, which isn’t bad but some of them do start to sound repetitive.

That said tracks like “Bonds/The Formula” show what a full-length from the NC native could sound like. Thedeeepend covers the side of hip-hop that we don’t really hear much about and that’s the bonds broken because of it. Thedeeepend slows it down here and gets his thoughts out clearly, you can feel the focus and the hurt in this joint.

“Think Good Thoughts” is a solid project, you can throw it in the whip and it bangs, however you can also take this joint inside on a late night and the instrumentals will guide you swiftly. This is a record I have to hear live at some point, the energy thedeeepend brings on every track, never gets old. Who knows what thedeeepend is going to bring us next year, but if this is just the beginning the industry should watch out.

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