The Unknown: “Healthy” [Album Review]

The Unknown: “Healthy” [Album Review]

Florida’s The Unknown has been sneaking in the shadows for the majority of 2018. To this point he’s dropped a number of singles and videos to get a grasp of what’s to come. However now that we’re here and The Unknown’s debut album “Healthy” is here, we get to see the final puzzle, the bigger picture of what’s he offering in this 10 track project.

You know it’s projects like this that make me want to go back in time to when we didn’t need to drop a ton of singles and visuals before an album. “Healthy” when I first heard the title made me think this was going to be an uplifting project in an era of darkness. When the first track (the title track) comes on, The Unknown goes in on the instrumental, really waxing poetic proving his right to rap. As the track closes, The Unknown makes sure to enunciates the “HELL” in “Healthy” from that point on… prepared for a dark twisted ride.

I think the play of words on “Healthy” is genius because the rest of the album seems to be a journey in a breakdown. The Unknown brings us into his own world in every sense of the word. Next track “Story” is jarring and jaded, the production also provided from The Unknown brings you into the back and forth discussion going on in his head and it’s not always pretty.

Now when I say The Unknown transports you into his world, I don’t just mean in his mental state. The Unknown brings us a bevy of guest appearances on “Healthy”. The universe he’s set up here reminds me a bit of the Odd Future days. Here The Unknown provides the dark canvas or doubt, vices and regret. The guests don’t just roll through to rip a verse, they completely immerse themselves in the environment created adding their own story and experiences to the mix.

This project isn’t for everyone. The production is glitchy and jarring, to match the lyrics. The Unknown adds numerous vocal effects to demonstrate the battle within and the confusion that comes along with it. “Bad Everything” was the track that got me as our Florida hero takes the role of the voice that plays in our head but like the bad side of that. The side that tells us we’re worthless, that we’re wasting our time chasing our passions. I couldn’t help but let out an exhausted “Damn…” as I questioned my entire existence.

“Healthy” is an zany, trippy, out of this universe project. I immediately got vibes of Aesop Rock or Sadistik. As we enter the brash cold of winter, grab a blunt, grab a drink, throw this record on and let’s get “Healthy”.

You can stream “Healthy” HERE on your platform of choice.

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