The Other Guys – The Other Album [Album]

The Other Guys – The Other Album [Album]

Here is the thing about good music. If it’s good, it will find you. It can come in a myriad of ways from either a review, such as ours or elsewhere, a blog post, word of mouth, or whatever, you will always find good music. Take The Other Guys for example. I stumbled across them sometime ago and continued to check out their work whenever something would release. Well about a month or so ago they dropped this dope track with Substantial that I had to post on the website for you all to hear. To add to that, apparently Beezy has been following these guys for a while as well and here we are with a post of their latest album The Other Album.

This album actually released a good while ago but in my hectic schedule, I neglected to complete the post of the album. I did take a listen to it since that time I must say it is definitely worth a listen. Keep these dudes on your radar.

Stream and download: The Other Guys-The Other Album

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