The Battery- The Change-Up

The Battery- The Change-Up


I’m late on posting this (due to technical difficulties) however that doesn’t mean you should sleep on Illect Recordings newest released by Peace 586 and Jurny Big. The two of them together are The Battery and they dropped their third project “The Change-Up”. This was the first project I heard in 2015 and the duo just continues to grow as artists even after being in the game for over a decade. This album is personal, cutthroat and dares to be honest where most emcees would shrivel up and drop lies over a trap beat. “The Change-Up” is 8 tracks deep and if purchased comes with all the instrumentals. The album also comes equipped with a track featuring the Tunnel Rats and while not all of them are on the track a lot of them (across all three generations of Tunnel Rats) come through and murder their respective verses. Stream the entire project below and look out for the review coming soon!

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