The Bandcamp Beat: November 2018 Edition

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The Bandcamp Beat: November 2018 Edition

Bandcamp is an incredible source for music nowadays and truly requires the attention of music listeners of all genres. Many rap artists and producers, such as Knxwledge and Ohbliv, have heavily utilized the music outlet to the point where it has become the main (or only) source for their releases. This series aims to highlight talented independent artists who provide quality music to the outlet. In this digital world where we are constantly flooded with the luxury of new music, artists like these tend to get overlooked, when in fact they should be getting just as much respect and attention.

Here are the seven Bandcamp selections for November of 2018:

Celestial Mechanics by Dr. Khil

Space. Full of wonders, and often leaving us with more questions than answers. On Celestial Mechanics, Clifton Park native, Dr. Khil, provides us with a beautiful navigation through the dark abyss…with one planet on his mind in particular: Jupiter. Each track is named after 16 known moons surrounding Jupiter. All the moons together provide balance to the planet, which Dr. Khil compares to his relationship with music. The drums in particular on Celestial Mechanics are very crisp. The variety of samples on this project (from flutes to pipe organs) highlight the creativity of Khil.

Purchase Celestial Mechanics here

Follow Dr. Khil here


Boy, oh boy. When I say POP SONGS DON’T KILL PEOPLE, I DO is a wild album….I mean this is a WILD album. Union Township, New Jersey native, Reg Mason, certainly knows how to entertain…while also poking fun at the current state of the mainstream music industry. POP SONGS DON’T KILL PEOPLE, I DO is a project that can be sonically abrasive for a portion of the running time, and then immediately melodic the next. I can’t help but hear JPEGMAFIA influences in his music. Nonetheless, it’s a great listen with PLENTY of bangers and will definitely peak your attention.


Follow Reg Mason here

Summer Zilla by Teck-Zilla

Although winter is upon us, some us are still fiending for those rays of sunshine and warmth that the summer brought us. Summer Zilla is a perfect project to put you back in that summer state-of-mind. Teck-Zilla is a member of the str8buttah collective located out of Lagos, Nigeria. His warm, vibrant production on Summer Zilla is something everyone needs to hear. He picks great vocal samples and often accompanies them with some groovy guitar licks. Vibes vary from energetic to relaxing and calming…..there’s something for everybody on here.

Purchase Summer Villa here

Follow Teck-Zilla here

7 by Glass Cannon

Lo-fi hip-hop is a hot commodity these days, so if you’re looking for some quality chilled out vibes, 7 is the project for you. Glass Cannon is a beatmaker who hails from Indiana. He’s been putting out music under the Glass Cannon name for about a year and a half and has several beat tapes out on Bandcamp, as well as SoundCloud. The project is only seven tracks long (like the title), and clocks out at barely over ten minutes. Nonetheless, it is short, sweet and very enjoyable. Check it out.

Download 7 here

Follow Glass Cannon here

Balance Vol. 1 by Ronesh

Chicago native (now residing in Oakland), Ronesh, has a great presence on the mic. His personality shines through on each track of Balance Vol. 1. In connection with title, Ronesh navigates through finding balance in his life. A variety of topics are covered on Balance Vol. 1, ranging from morality, alcohol, and relationships. It’s a mixed bag, but a cohesive one. The project is entirely self-produced by Ronesh, and also has a standout feature from the one and only Psalm One.

Purchase Balance Vol.1 here (all proceeds go to the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services)

Follow Ronesh here

Icantsweem by Mouse Sucks & The Dream Band

Ontario, Canada native, Mouse Sucks, and London production duo, The Dream Band team up for a fun, melancholic EP. This project certainly has a sense of humor (the tracklist ultimately spells out “How Many Ways CAN You Cook Asparagus). This combined with Mouse Sucks’ great blend of singing and rapping make the EP memorable and worthy of further listens. The production from The Dream Band is certainly reminiscent of BROCKHAMPTON. “How” in particular is a standout track that has an incredibly catchy hook, and highlights Mouse Sucks’ sly personality.

Purchase icantsweem here

Follow Mouse Sucks here

Follow The Dream Band here


The album artwork of ATLIK alone is enough to peak the interest of a curious music listener. Luckily, the music lives up to the anticipation. ATLIK’s rapid delivery stands out above all….which is ironic because some of the production on this self-titled compilation is quite smooth. He even includes two beats from the legendary Nujabes (R.I.P.). Still, ATLIK manages to throw a curveball or two, one being a remix of 88GLAM’s, “12”. He makes each track his own and is certainly a potent MC.

Download ATLIK here

Follow ATLIK here



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