The Bandcamp Beat: December 2018 Edition

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The Bandcamp Beat: December 2018 Edition

Bandcamp is an incredible source for music nowadays and truly requires the attention of music listeners of all genres. Many rap artists and producers, such as Knxwledge and Ohbliv, have heavily utilized the music outlet to the point where it has become the main (or only) source for their releases. This series aims to highlight talented independent artists who provide quality music to the outlet.

Here are the seven Bandcamp selections for December of 2018. Happy New Years bitches.

The Way Through by Deca

I’ve always had a sweet spot for artists not only spit bars, but produce their own work as well. Deca is one of those artists. Originally from Denver, CO, Deca came up as part of the LIFE Crew- a collective of rappers, graffiti writers, and DJs that were seminal in helping to shape the local scene throughout the 2000’s. He spent some time in Los Angeles before settling in NYC where he released his first fully self-produced 2011 album, The VeilThe Way Through really grabbed my attention. The bars are personal and insightful, and the beats are crispy as fuck, and incredibly soulful. This is really a hidden gem…peep it.

Purchase The Way Through here

Follow Deca here


SANCTUARY by Sleep Sinatra

Sleep Sinatra has become one of my favorite new emcees that I’ve become in tune with in 2018. His full length project, [D] A R K A N G E L, slotted out at #45 on my top 50 end of the year list (which you can check out here). SANCTUARY is simply another demonstration of why Sleep Sinatra needs to stop being slept on (pun intended). It’s produced entirely by notable underground beatmaker, August Fanon. Like title implies, Sleep toys with the idea of finding a place of refuge, or a sense of safety, to deal with his stresses. It’s another solid edition in his catalog. Peep it.

Purchase SANCTUARY here

Follow Sleep Sinatra here


23 by Realname

Realname is an experimental rap artist who hails from Melbourne, Australia. 23 is his debut album…and its a doozy. It’s incredibly bassy and abrasive and radiates raw energy. For such a loud and obnoxious album, there’s surprisingly some very pretty samples used throughout it’s entirety. Props to the producers Teether (he also raps on two of the tracks) and Stoneset for managing to capture this interesting vibe…they produced a majority of the tracks on here. Realname has a good sense of flow and matches the energy of the production, while also managing to have a sense of humor too (definitely gives me Wiki vibes). Peep this one…it’s a slapper.

Purchase 23 here

Follow Realname here


Gather Alone by TheWolvesDen

TheWolvesDen is a Jamaican beatmaker who resides in Baltimore, MD. His latest project, Gather Alone, is quite an emotional journey. The introductory track opens with a message to an old friend of his from high school, someone he used to cherish, and misses still. The rest of the project captures the emotions of seeing that person and the intimacy the relationship once had. Gather Alone also ventures through the emotional spaces he’s experienced over the last two years. The production does an exceptional job of translating that emotion throughout the entirety of the album. Truly a solid instrumental album…peep it.

Purchase Gather Alone here

Follow TheWolvesDen here


TAPE 3 by NAHreally

NAHreally is an emcee out of Brooklyn…and goddamn can this dude flow. TAPE 3 is short and sweet, and also beautifully produced by G Millsfloridomi, and Flavors. I LOVED every track on here. Every single one. This dude embodies the Brooklyn style and it truly captures you and holds your attention. Fans of Pro Era will definitely dig this. Highly replayable…HIGHLY dope. Definitely make sure to check this project out.

Purchase TAPE 3 here

Follow NAHreally here


Somnos: An Exercise In Existential Ennui by YCG

YCG (a.k.a. Yung Clapped God) is an emcee from Lagos, Nigeria. His deep, thunderous voice carries a ton of weight on his latest project, Somnos: An Exercise In Existential Ennui. YCG discusses everything from his mental health, learning to be comfortable in his own artistry, his relationships with family, the codeine crisis in his home country, and his qualms with religion. The production is booming…matching the intensity of the Clapped God’s raps. “RIOT!” is an incredibly energetic track and most certainly blow your speakers out. Somnos is a dark, yet insightful album. Don’t let this one slip by you.

Purchase Somnos: An Exercise In Existential Ennui here

Follow YCG here


Hell if I Know by Imp

Imp is an emcee and producer who hails from Atlanta, GA. Hell if I Know is very atypical of most rap music coming out of Atlanta…and is one of the reasons why it stands out amongst all others. Imp is skilled on the mic and delivers quite a bit of socially progressive content. He also had his hand in on the production of a majority of the tracks. Hell if I Know feels like a descent into the inner-workings of Imp’s thoughts on society and the “system”. His lyrics are detailed and poignant, and it makes each track feel like a dissection of the topic he chooses. Imp is a surgically precise emcee, and you should definitely check out his project.

Purchase Hell if I Know here

Follow Imp here


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