Tenacity & DRUGS BEATS: “Discussions” [Album Stream]

Tenacity & DRUGS BEATS: “Discussions” [Album Stream]

One producer and one emcee albums are a rarity these days however California hip-hop artist Tenacity and DRUGS BEATS have come together to release their album “Discussions” today on all platforms.

I’ve been blessed enough to listen a couple times now and Tenacity, in my opinion, has done what we’ve needed in hip-hop for a minute now. And that’s simply to start the discussion, there’s a myriad of topics on this, Tenacity calls out everyone and approaches these topics with passion and energy. The government, relationships and everything in between, Tenacity is presenting both sides of the story to let you decide where you stand. DRUGS BEATS straight up killed this, there’s an eclectic sound on this, bangers, jazzy cuts and more. I won’t spoil too much now, it’s easy to put together an album of fire tracks with one producer, but I feel Tenacity has created something here for us to study and genuinely discuss, for now you can stream “Discussions” below.

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