TE DNESS :‘LONG TIME’ [Music Video]

TE DNESS :‘LONG TIME’ [Music Video]

West London rapper and songwriter TE DNESS returns with his brand new single titled ‘Long Time’, and its accompanying visuals. This new record follows his previous singles ‘Me & My Crew’ and ‘7am Out Of Town

Directed by Danny Wonders, the visuals for the lyrically potent and braggadocios ‘Long Time’ allow TE dness to showcase his tenacious and explosive performance prowess, which fans and critics alike, can certainly attest to. From supporting StormzySection BoyzWretch 32 and Future on tour, to his sold out headline concert last year, TE dness has proven himself to be one of the best live performers in the UK rap music landscape.

Speaking about how the ‘Long Time’ record came about, TE dness says, “I got sent the beat from Michael and I recorded it at my home studio. The production influenced my flow and the way I attacked the vocals. The beat is drill, which in the UK is usually aligned with violent lyrics, so I wanted to display something different on that sound. The visuals really came out how I first envisioned it, high energy and cinematic. For me it’s a statement of intent and a good display of my lyrical ability”.

With his unique way with words, introspective street tales, and ability to paint vivid stories through his music, TE dness is known and loved, equally for his thought-provoking rap lyrics, and his bashment inspired sounds, which are both underpinned by his incredible penmanship and songwriting dexterity. There’s really no wonder that the Jamaican born rapper already has two critically acclaimed records, April Showers 2 and Trap Nominated, firmly under his belt, with more underway.





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