T.R.3 – “Budget” (Video & EP Stream)

T.R.3 – “Budget” (Video & EP Stream)


Atlanta artist T.R.3’s stirring new video for “Budget” perfectly captures the emotional mayhem of a romantic relationship hitting its breaking point. It also further proves that this is a young lyricist the world needs to keep an eye on.


The all-too-relatable frenzy of feelings and contemplation seen in these visuals is brought to life by director Malik Miller, who follows T.R.3 (of hip-hop collective IMG) as he pens his kiss-off letter and delivers it to his soon-to-be ex. And clocking in at just over two and a half minutes, the video is an absolute whirlwind, emphasized in part by the rapper’s straining vocals as he comes to terms with what’s happening.


For T.R.3, the “Budget” he’s talking about is a mental and emotional one tied to a lost relationship that’s no longer worth the toll it’s taking. It’s a realization he makes throughout his stream-of-consciousness verse, which hits especially hard when he raps, “Relationship fading/ I see the lies in your eyes/ When I look for your spirit, it’s vacant.”



Check out the visuals above , and be sure to stream Prelude, in its entirety via SoundCloud below.



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