Sweatshop & Owl Green: “Those Guys” [Music Video + Album Stream]

Sweatshop & Owl Green: “Those Guys” [Music Video + Album Stream]

The San Francisco Bay Area’s Sweatshop & Owl Green have been making chilled out hip-hop with a unique vibe for about two years now, but the dup elevated every element of their game with the drop of their most recent EP, Spring Cleaning II. “Those Guys,” the second video single from the project, finds the fresh-faced duo looking drop-dead gorgeous, transformed into undead rappers just in time to get their errands done.  

Here’s the stunning new visual, bringing those spooky vibes and a wavy hip-hop sensibility to keep your head bobbin while you get in the Halloween spirit. “Those Guys” comes fresh off of a recent international tour, with another West Coast tour planned for mid-October, and upcoming videos filmed and coming soon for every track from the Spring Cleaning II EP.  

As a longtime artistic duo and lifelong best friends, Sweatshop & Owl Green bring a practiced synergy to the track.  “Those Guys” begins with Owl Green handling a spacey boom-bap inspired beat deftly, bringing his refined melodic touch to each silkily delivered line. Halfway through, “Those Guys” hits you with an upbeat production switch, and Sweatshop hops on the old-school drums with the kind of quotables that old heads have been hungry for in today’s watered down scene.

It’s always a squad style production when Sweatshop & Owl Green bring their artistic vision to life, and “Those Guys” is no exception. Will Rushton Films (of Alien Family fame) handled the top tier work on Spring Cleaning II’s first single, “Roger Clemons.” Will is back with another dose of visual ambrosia on the duo’s latest, elevating his own game to craft a video far outside of the realm of ordinary. The video’s multiple scenes and groovy beat switch are all tied together by some truly transformative make-up work, handled by Bay Area makeup artist and legendary Twitter Shade Thrower HayleyyJay.

As their growing fan base has come to expect, the boys bring their own years of experience on the mic, their many diverse influences, and the best work from their collaborators all together to create a project much more striking than the sum of its parts. “Those Guys” has something for everyone: an eye-catching visual treatment that will keep your attention, wavy rhymes that will appeal to traditionalists and new-school fanatics alike, and plenty of “wow factor” to keep fans coming back for more.  

If this is your first exposure to the duo, you’ve picked a great time to tune in. Sweatshop & Owl Green have three more videos coming soon, as well as a ton of exciting music planned for release this year. Catch them this October in a West Coast town near you with the Palmer Squares via the “No More Jobs” tour, hit the replay button on our premiere of “Those Guys” above, and follow the duo here on DeadEndHipHop for update and you can stream “Spring Cleaning II” below!

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