Stream the new WDNG Crshrs project, “Utd Atlantis”

Stream the new WDNG Crshrs project, “Utd Atlantis”

Quentin Miller and TheCoolisMac are back at it. After collaborating with famed producer, Cardo, on “Crshrs Got Wings” both artists continued to put out solo work, specifically Quentin Miller with “Gunmetal Grey” dropping at the end of last year. Now, both artists have gotten back in the both to make “Utd Atlantis”.

The album is 13 tracks long, and continues on their traditional wavy sound. If you’re into laid back, vibey, almost effortless music to chill to, the WDNG Crshrs are for you. Many of the beats are lethargic, and have a very slow tempo. QM and TheCoolisMac complement these beats perfectly with their similarly relaxed, dazed lyrics and delivery. Check out the Spotify stream below.

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