Stik Figa – The Ends & Outs (prod. Black Milk)

Stik Figa – The Ends & Outs (prod. Black Milk)


Stik Figa is back with new heat! Here is his new single “The Ends & Outs” produced by Black Milk. His new album will drop on 1/27.

This cut, “Ends & Outs,” is a bit of nostalgia for me, I’ve always wanted to get on a track like that and do the lyrical exercise thing. When I heard the Black Milk beat, I was immediately drawn to the percussive elements first, and how it’s not something you hear much anymore. I was inspired by Outkast “Wailin” just a cut with dope beats and rhymes that’s fun to listen to, and rewind to make sure you caught everything,” said Stik Figa

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