SoulFistikato: “Holding Fire”

SoulFistikato: “Holding Fire”

One of the reasons I continue to write about hip-hop is that there’s so much the genre has to offer. Hip-hop is more than just rappers and emcees, it’s also producers who provide the sounds that we bump in the whip, in the club and our headphones.

As we’re deep in Fall, Toronto producer SoulFistikato has some sounds and vibes perfect for the season and this horrendous weather we’re having. In “Holding Fire” SoulFistikato brings us in with some light ambience and faint acoustic guitar. By the middle of the joint, the foundation we started with has been built into a full fledged soundscape making you feel at peace. Even the end of the track has Soul adding yet another element to close out the track.

Check the track below and get ready because SoulFistikato’s EP “The Head Nod” is coming soon!

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