Soulfistikato: “The Head Nod” [Instrumental Album Review]

Soulfistikato: “The Head Nod” [Instrumental Album Review]

Instrumentals, beat tapes, instrumental albums are all an integral part of the hip-hop machine, yet producers, deejays and the like seem to get swept under the rug when projects are released. One of my goals this year and definitely in the coming years is to give more shine to producers that are making great music. Earlier this month I introduced you guys to Toronto hip-hop artist Soulfistikato with a number of singles and he’s finally released his EP “The Head Nod”.

Now listen, I’m all for instrumental projects that break your back with phat basslines and build-ups, beats that make you wanna turn up and lose your mind, however when you pop in “The Head Nod” you’re met with a different type of…well head nod. Soul’s music is a mix, you can hear the boom bap, but there’s so much more than that. “The Head Nod” begins with “temple doors” with something of a churchy, hopeful sound to it, Soul eases you into the experience he’s about to hand you.

I’ve mentioned this in covering some of his singles, Soul doesn’t just intro you with a fresh sample and then drop a banger on your head. In tracks like “give back” (one of my personal favorites) Soul will give you a sound or two with a rhythm. As the music progresses he’ll slowly but surely add more parts and sounds to the beat. In a world where production is the same sounds thrown in different loops, it feels like Soulfistikato is building a house with every instrumental.

“The Head Nod” is a project with a purpose not just “dope” beats throw together and shipped out. These aren’t beats for rappers this is a project built from the ground up with the appreciation and inspiration of different genres and sounds. Pop this in during your late night, you won’t be sorry.

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