SoulFistikato: “The Head Nod” [Album Stream]

SoulFistikato: “The Head Nod” [Album Stream]

Over the last couple weeks I’ve been introducing you to Canadian hip-hop artist Soulfistikato with his singles “Holding Fire” & “Give Back”. Today I have the full EP from Soulfistikato called “The Head Nod”.

Instrumental projects can sometimes be a hard sell because if one isn’t into a particular sound that destroys the whole project for the listener. However here on “The Head Nod” the EP is a journey, every song is a journey. Each track has a variety of influences, Soulfistikato uses the foundation of sounds in the beginning of each instrumental and builds upon it, so that by the end of the track you’re listening to an epic sculpture that you were able to witness being built. Anyway check out “The Head Nod” below and get ready as we’ll be interviewing Soulfistikato soon.

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