Soulfistikato: “give back”

Soulfistikato: “give back”

Last week I introduced you all to Canadian hip-hop artist Soulfistikato who’s getting set to release his EP “The Head Nod” soon. We brought the idea of “The Head Nod” to you in the form of the earthly sounding “Holding Back” fit for fall. The whole beat was almost like building a house, each layer adding more to the house starting with the foundation until we had a full-fledged instrumental on our hands.

In the second and last single before the release of the EP “give back” Soul is giving us a different vibe than what we got on “Holding Fire”. “Give back” starts with some distorted sounds to get your attention, keeps going with hard hitting drums and then eases you through the rest of the track with multiple changes. How we start isn’t how we continue, how continue isn’t how we finish and the same goes with Soulfistikato’s “give back”. Take a listen let me know what you think and make sure you come back on December 5th when “The Head Nod” drops.

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