Snowgoons :’Keep Runnin’ (Feat. Chris Rivers)

Snowgoons :’Keep Runnin’ (Feat. Chris Rivers)

German producers Snow Goons craft a broody backdrop for Chris Rivers in the form of the single “Keep Runnin‘”.
His Father is the late great Puerto Rican Rapper Big Pun who hailed from the Bronx and was ranked one of the Greatest MCs of all time.  But don’t get it twisted, this Puerto Rican Prince, who goes by the Rap name Chris Rivers, is his own fire breathing dragon, giving fans something heroic to believe in once again. No wonder Chris Rivers found a good spot on the Snowgoons – Goon Bap album between all the 90’s heroes. Keep Runnin’ is a positive story about to keep it moving and put your shit together. We all have been in difficult situations but managed to pull through. Chris Rivers shows his lyrical potential wrapped up in story everybody can relate to. The video is Part 1 of a bigger story… to be continued..

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