Slim Stunta: “I Want It All” [Music Video]

Slim Stunta: “I Want It All” [Music Video]

Atlanta rapper Slim Stunta does it again. He has recently released his newest single “I Want It All”, along with a music video for the song. “I Want It All” is the follow-up single to his last song, “I Can Take Your Girl“. It was produced by famed Atlanta producer, Sonny Digital, who has worked with artists like 2Chainz, Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifah, French Montana, Migos, and other celebrated artists.

The music video features Slim Stunta showcasing his exclusive lifestyle. He’s all about his “Stunt Lifestyle” movement which it includes sporting lots of gold and expensive toys. He displays a private estate, exotic cars, boats, women, and cash on hand. Like he says in the song, he wants it all and he though he already has a substantial amount of luxury goods. Ironically, everything that Slim Stunta talks about isn’t just for show or for cameras, he actually has access to all of these things without his music career.

Besides his music, Slim Stunta is known for his appearance on the internationally syndicated show “Rich Kids of Social Media” which aired on MTV, BBC, and TLC. The show displayed the lifestyles of young and wealthy Instagram socialites. The type who can get on a private jet and spend the afternoon shopping in Paris, before flying to Vegas and partying until 8 AM without a budget. Don’t be jealous, this life isn’t for everyone. But, it’s exactly what Slim Stunta has been doing for years. He’s just decided to channel his truth into his passion for music.

Slim Stunta is also a viral internet star, whose YouTube prank videos, titled “Gold Digger“, have attracted millions. He films himself riding around to hotspots and stealing girls from their unsuspecting boyfriends using his money, charm, and signature gold Maserati. The girls almost always take the bait and are willing to ride off with Slim Stunta, unless their jealous boyfriends step in to block their “golden opportunity”.

Slim Stunta’s “I Want It All” is available on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and Spotify. Visit his website at or follow him on Twitter and Instagram to stay informed on Slim Stunta and his “Stunt Lifestyle” movement.

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