Sheik Kargbo : “The Speakeasy Experience” (Album Stream)

Sheik Kargbo : “The Speakeasy Experience” (Album Stream)


Alexandria, VA native, Sheik Kargbo is intent on delivering an audio-autobiographical account of himself via his latest project “The Speakeasy Experience“.

After dropping the singles “New Neighbors” and the harrowing “Trapped (Buck Feeva),” which were also accompanied by stark videos. These tracks helped to paint a vivid picture of what fans could expect from The Speakeasy Experience, a project that stays true to Kargbo’s vision and sound.

Sheik’s African background (Seirra Leone) and Virginian upbringing is also captured on the project besides studying a wide range of artists (from Thelonious Monk to Captain Beefheart to the Neptunes). He credits that time as setting the tone for his creative outlet, which has led to one of the year’s finest albums so far.

“I wanted to create something like an audio movie where the instrumental would serve as the score and the lyrics would narrate whatever subject matter I choose to tackle.”—Sheik Kargbo on his new album, The Speakeasy Experience

The Speakeasy Experience is now available through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms through Kargbo’s own Renaissance Republic imprint.

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