Senseless: “Yeah, Whatever” [Album Review]

Senseless: “Yeah, Whatever” [Album Review]

I love hip-hop and I’m starting to grow to like all types of hip-hop that said, sometimes I just want to listen to beats & raps. A couple summers ago I had the opportunity to see Columbus, Ohio emcee Senseless. He’s a clear student of the game and has been putting in the work and it all comes out in “Yeah, Whatever”.

The canvas on the five track EP was handled by Bombeardo, J. Rawls & Beats Rockswell, all three of these producers create a cohesive soundscape allowing Senseless to wax poetic. Off top Senseless reminds me of a Aesop Rock/Homeboy Sandman hybrid. Senseless’ kicks raps and changes flows like the veteran he is. The Intro and Outro in “The World Awaits” & “Over” respectively has Senseless combining razor-sharp raps with more of a sing-song cadence and it fits perfectly. Rap, Jazz & R&B are all at show, his change in flows and cadence keeps the listener engaging and showcases his talent.

Truthfully, five tracks aren’t enough on “Yeah, Whatever” they’re guaranteed to have you wanting more for next year. Senseless proves on this project that he can rap with the best of the them but also create a cohesive project. The star-studded guest list (Nova, Angelica Lee, Red Pill and more) shows Senseless’ has people in his corner to create good music. Who knows what 2018 has to bring for the Ohio emcee, but let’s pray for a full-length, for now, peep the five song project below.

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