Semaj Sinclair releases “Tales of Women” album

Semaj Sinclair releases “Tales of Women” album


Concord, NC is becoming a bit of a place to watch out for. Up next we have the R&B and Soulful rapping from Semaj Sinclair with the release of his easy going, relaxing, and groovy album “Tales of Women”. It’s a fifteen track soundtrack to the ending days of Summer, romance, and one man’s journey through all the troubles and tribulations that come with dating and relationships. The production brought to you by Semaj himself, longtime friend and fellow artist Cameron Butler, Souls Galaxy 3k, orgami, inFull, ingorvance, Donato, and Scandi all bring about an fusion of styles and energy that make almost every song an opportunity to dance your troubles away and get caught in the music. It’s an album that takes you on a journey, sometimes pop and fun, doesn’t overstay it’s welcome, and allows you to experience the personality and individuality of Semaj.

You can stream “Tales of Women” below and also on iTunes!

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