Sareem Poems & Ess Be: “Shallow” feat. Finale

Sareem Poems & Ess Be: “Shallow” feat. Finale

Sareem Poems is one of my favorite emcees on the planet and since getting signed to Illect, Sareem’s output has increased to levels that I can’t even keep with. All of this said, Sareem continues to create and is getting set to release his second project with producer Ess Be.

Today I have the new single “Shallow”. Sareem talks about how ups and downs of life slowly pull us away from our core values and self. Ess Be’s drums & bass line are beautifully hard-hitting and are a wonderful canvas for Sareem to wax poetic, we’re also blessed with a verse from one of Detroit’s finest and smoothest with words in Finale. Stream the joint below and get ready for Sareem & Ess Be’s album “Mind Over Matter” which is due out in June via Illect Recordings.

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