Sareem Poems & Ess Be: “Mind Over Matter” [Album Review]

Sareem Poems & Ess Be: “Mind Over Matter” [Album Review]

Sareem Poems is one of my favorite emcees of all time, while I got hip to him later in his solo career, I grew up listening to his verses in L.A. Symphony and his solo cuts. Poems’ career is one of many chapters and it seemed that after his 2011 release with Dust that we might never hear from the Symph emcee again. Back in 2015 though, we got the incredible news that Sareem Poems signed a deal with Illect Recordings. Since then Poems has put out three full-length titles under the Illect umbrella.

This third LP “Mind Over Matter” is the second collaboration between Poems and Ess Be, the first being “Beautiful Noise” a perfect return for Poems. Ess Be is an unbelievably underrated producer who’s able to weave in influences of boom bap, electronic, soul and more to bring Sareem Poems’ words to life. In this current project the duo have built on what made “Beautiful Noise” work.

Sareem always approaches his music and lyrics with the utmost honesty, combine this with Poems’ ability to convey his story to the listener and we have a project you have to listen to. “Mind Over Matter” is 11 tracks chock full of content, Sareem continues to drop consistent music that touches the soul. I don’t want Ess Be to get the short end of the stick here because I truly believe he takes the music and lyrics to another level. Ess Be doesn’t just give us a banging loop to nod your head to, his production escalates and changes as the track and album continues on. Tracks like “Way Up There” & “Dance For The Dead” are catchy but still hold messages that you need to pay attention to. Flip the script though and tracks like “What’s Wrong” & “I See You” really set a dreary and dark mood for Sareem’s potent lyricism.

“Mind Over Matter” is the type of hip-hop that needs to be at the forefront especially during these times. “The Way It Goes” covers a number of situations and trials that people have to go through just to make it to the next day. “Eyedentity” tells us to remember that who we were created to be was no accident, we need to love ourselves. Sareem hasn’t lost a step in this hip-hop game and it’s good to see him team up with producers to create cohesive projects that convey multiple pertinent messages. Ess Be is the perfect producer to give Sareem’s words life, pray this duo completes their trilogy of releases in the near future.

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