Samurai Shin: “The Saga Begins” (Tracklisting + Cover Art)

Samurai Shin: “The Saga Begins” (Tracklisting + Cover Art)

Comic book writer and Executive producer Mikel Miles released a stellar project earlier this summer in Samurai Shin’s “The Prelude” EP. It features heavyweights like Torae and Medaphor the Great, but I was most impressed by some of the other underground artists on the project flexing their skills along the same ilk of the Samurai Champloo soundtrack series.

Well the executive producer is back and getting ready to release “Samurai Shin- The Saga Begins” (cleverly inspired by Wu-Tang Clan’s recently released “The Saga Continues”). Featuring more underground artists you can check out the tracklisting below, “The Saga Begins” releases October 23rd. Peep game.

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