RZA Helps Announce The Release Date For SZA’s “Ctrl”

RZA Helps Announce The Release Date For SZA’s “Ctrl”


Initially scheduled for a February 3rd release, SZA‘s upcoming album Ctrl is nearly ready for public consumption. In a short video tweeted by Top Dawg Entertainment we see that June 9, 2017, is the approaching date for her latest piece. Perhaps the biggest surprise is that RZA endorses her album with some very poetic description. If anyone forgot about her album, this will surely remind them while simultaneously reaching a wider audience. If you put RZA on something he’s bound to turn some heads, especially old ones. Check out the video and tell me why I’m suddenly excited even though I had no idea this was coming.

a word from RZA

— TOP DAWG #TDE (@dangerookipawaa) May 25, 2017

This is great news for SZA fans who have been waiting quite some time, being teased with singles from the album such as “Drew Barrymore” and “Love Galore.” Even a mini documentary released on February 7th called “Where the Hell Have You Been: Road to Ctrl” was created to promote the album. It’s certainly been a long time coming, but let’s hope TDE is true to their word this time.

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