Run the Jewels are politically sharp and witty as ever on “Talk to Me” [Review by @DukeAM_]

Run the Jewels are politically sharp and witty as ever on “Talk to Me” [Review by @DukeAM_]

“I talk real good cause I’m smart at stuff/We a good crew to fuck with, better to love.” That really sums it up, doesn’t it? At this point, you listen to Run the Jewels because you know there’s as much intelligent commentary to find as there is ridiculous one-liners to take with a grain of salt. Killer Mike details his war with “a bad toupee and a spray tan” while just a few bars later El-P asks “You think baby Jesus killed Hitler just so I’d whisper?” Against another nerdy banger of a beat, it’s what you know Mike and El are going to bring to the table, but for some reason it connects in such a fresh way this time around.

At this point in the election year unless you’re Ken Bone, you know who you are or are not voting for. At this point, you’re probably ready for the vote to happen and let come what may. But in a year of such turmoil, a duo long obsessed with government conspiracies and a world where Blade Runner is no longer a movie are now the first people you actually want to hear from. Whether these guys are your comic relief for the bitter irony you see everyday or the map for navigating this endlessly painful election cycle of pandering and shallow reasoning, Run the Jewels are as sharp and necessary to hear from as ever.


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