Roy Banks’ On Black Mental Health, “Sincerely Banks” & Creating More Than Music [Interview]

Roy Banks’ On Black Mental Health, “Sincerely Banks” & Creating More Than Music [Interview]

Author’s Note: Chicago artist Roy Banks released an emotional and personal project in “Sincerely Banks: Loverboy Part 1”. Handling the brunt of the lyrical load, Banks bares all over groovy production, I got a chance to sit down with Banks to talk about the importance of hip-hop as a platform, his EP and his plans for 2018.

Dead End Hip Hop: For those who don’t know who is Roy Banks?

Roy Banks: Roy Banks is an 18 year old black man who aspires to be a successful musician not because its the only way black men can succeed in this country its because I want to be beacon of hope of light that whatever self perils and trials you experience we’ve all been there you arent alone and you can get past it i rap and more recently sing first began as a means of release but turned into something much more serious.

DEHH: I guess lemme start with who are your influences, because I can definitely hear Chicago in your music if that makes any sense?

RB: My influences actually arent chicago artists although i love acts such as saba noname and chance the rapper. my go to artists are earl sweatshirt, kendrick lamar, and vince staples with my musical tastes ranging from all genres because i love music entirely but chicago made me and we really all are just products of our environment so you can get a feel of the chicago grit through my music.

DEHH: Let’s jump into “Sincerely Banks”, this is a really personal project, what was the inspiration behind it?

RB: The inspiration behind this project was again a form of release but also experimental. I try to be as honest with myself as possible as crazy as it may sound people lie to themselves all the time and begin to believe their own lies. the inspiration was to almost reveal my surface demons and faults to use the music as a form of therapy.

DEHH: Lyrically I feel you’re doing a lot to give people a glimpse into your life, as a black man how important is it that music like this is created, giving us a space to get our emotions out?

RB: I actually feel as though its extremely important for us black men whom make music to make music like this the depression is deep rooted from generations down the struggle and pain just never could be revealed or talked about because no one wants to be viewed as weak or vulnerable as a target further for malicious parties.I think its time we start having more sitdowns at home and next time little roy brings home a bad report card you get him a tutor and not give him a whooping.

DEHH: What I love about “Sincerely Banks” is that it’s clear this is more than music to you. You stop everything at the end and speak to the audience, tell me a bit about that?

RB: Yes this is much more than just music to me thats why i tend to not listen to the ‘new age’ rappers its almost as if they are disrespecting the culture. they all see rap/hiphop as a means of financial benefit rather than the only means of expression we have that hasnt been silenced . but with sincerely banks the track i wanted to give some wisdom from the hurdles ive jumped in hopes that it could help someone whos listening in their eternal battle with their demons because we all have them.

DEHH: Another important facet of “Sincerely Banks” is that it’s Part I of a bigger project called “loverboy” you haven’t said too much about it. Enlighten me

RB: Well actually part 1 is loverboy the saga continues with sincerely banks part 2 whats to come with that is unknown at this time but i can say that i am in the process of blueprinting and this will be full of raps and bars thats gonna be better than ever think im gonna take some time to put out a cohesive worthwhile project. but in the meantime I’m working on a 6 track collab EP with no more parents record CEO ‘Cartel Party’.

DEHH: What’s next for Roy Banks, when will we be getting a full-length from you? Will we see you on tour in 2018?

RB: A full length album isn’t something that I wanna dive into for a few more years when I’m at my best most polished form so that i submit a high quality body of work for the world to behold. 2018 will bring nothing but blessings,progression,music, and performances from me though so I’m excited to dive into my sophomore year of being an emcee.

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