Romney Lewis talks the importance of “Society” [Interview]

Romney Lewis talks the importance of “Society” [Interview]


Brookyln emcee Romney Lewis just dropped his album “Society” a diverse effort that takes a creative spin to the album approach. The entire time listening to the project I was curious what the simple yet effective name “Society” meant. So I was able to sit down with Romney Lewis and talk to him more about the album and what’s next. To keep up you can stream “Society” HERE.

Dead End Hip Hop: Peace, let the people know who Romney Lewis is.

Romney Lewis: I’m a young man who feels the pressure of society everyday like everybody else. From Lansing, Mi with roots from Chicago and Alabama. The soul in my music comes from a place of pain and joy.

DEHH: Let’s just jump right in, you clearly have been influenced by a slew of different genres of music and people in your life, tell me how we got here.

RL: Going back and fourth from Lansing, Mi to Chicago when I was younger, me and my pops would listen to music while driving. Everything from 50 cent – “PIMP” (30x straight! Lol) to “everybody plays a fools” by the Main Ingredient!! Mannnn his playlist was so damn diverse!

I also grew up on a lot of gospel, he would play Gospel heavily in the car as well. My mom only listened to gospel music at her house too and I love how musicians write gospel music. Their hooks, bridges and repetition made the song easy to listen to but you FELT it! I like making music people feel rather than hear.

Good artist provoke emotion, whether it’s Migos with their adlibs or it’s Kirk franklin with a prayer, I love all of that equally.

DEHH: “Society” a simple name, but after listening to the album, holds a lot of weight, how did you come up with that title?

RL: Looking at people, reading stuff on the internet, conversations with people and just being observant. Mannnn every single person deals with pressure from Society! I don’t like it but I’m honestly I can’t change it. So at minimum, I’d like for people to listen to my album and become aware of what people maybe going though.

DEHH: You have interludes where someone is interviewing children, tell me the motivation behind those and the impact they have on the album.

RL: Kids are pure. You’ll hear pure answers from them…ever since we were kids our identity was being formed by society. It tells us what not to do and what to do based on gender and based on race.

I’ll never experience what it’s like being a woman and feeling the pressure they face. They go through a lot of emotions and feelings that are solely rooted from preconceived notions of who they should be and what they should look like. Especially black women…

Men get a different type of pressure.
I touch on a variety of topics on “Perfect”, “Same ol'” and “In A rush”.

DEHH: In this generation it sometimes seems like new artists really try to sell themselves by their guest features. But you don’t have any, what were you out to show people on “Society”?

RL: I use to be in a duo with my cousin. He stopped talking to me one day and I had to reshape myself as an artist. I had to find my voice and doing that time I noticed that I’m dope as hell…

I use to hate my voice, now I love my shit. I use to make the majority of the hooks in the group and now I fell in love with developing the whole song concept and verses.

I guess I was feeling myself *shrugs*….lol

There’s also 1million artist out there, I had to make sure people knew my voice before I introduced somebody new.

DEHH: Now what impressed me most on the record, was your ability to choose a gang of different producers yet still keep a cohesive sound both sonically and lyrically, tell me a bit about that?

RL: Sto! I love great albums…I’m obsessed with making a great album! And I love so many different elements of music, it was tough narrowing down the direction. But as I was making the music and talking to the kids, the songs were easy to place. I guess I got a little lucky. I made “Same Ol” in 2015, I made “Check” in Feb, sometimes it’s just divine intervention.

DEHH: You’ve already come through with over 20k+ plays what are some tips you can give artists that are just starting out and are looking to get into the hip-hop scene?

RL: Feed your core and work with people like Sto. Lol

I had a certain amount of people that knew me from my former group and I’m going to feed them until my fan base grows more. Good music spreads! I never have gotten this much feedback from music, it’s over whelming.

DEHH: What’s next for Romney Lewis, will we be able to catch you live this year? Will we hear a follow up to society?

RL: I have an Ep coming in September, 100% produced by Eclipse.

Shout out to east side fish and fry…J-Dubb and my grandma

Shout out to Sto for not asking me who my biggest influences are, if y’all listen to the album, y’all will know lol

Lastly, if you read the whole interview…thanks…google the word “Loquacious”

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