Rock – “Rockness A.P.” (prod. by The Arcitype) 

Rock – “Rockness A.P.” (prod. by The Arcitype) 


 Rock’s newest single “Rockness A.P.”  tackles  a delicate issue for the emcee. The title track sees the gruff-voiced emcee come clean regarding his music career and why it’s taken so long for him to release a proper album on his own. He goes on to talk about various record deals that went south, in house turmoil with BCC and much more.

It’s rare to hear anyone get this candid on a track—never mind a rapper known for delivering tough bravado with a smirk. But Rock puts it all out there as he learns how to move on following the tragic death of Sean P in August 2015. There’s a lot to unpack on “Rockness A.P.,” and the Monsta explains it all with sincerity and integrity. It makes for one of his strongest tracks to date, and only further builds the anticipation for his proper debut.

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