Ro Spit & 14KT – “RSXGLD” (Album Stream)

Ro Spit & 14KT – “RSXGLD” (Album Stream)

RSXGLD (pronounced “rosegold”) is the debut project from the duo of producer 14KT and rapper Ro Spit. Having been in the game and solidifying their spots as solo acts, they have now joined forces to bring us a much needed serving of that good old raw, undiluted hiphop.

Both men bring in the best of the best for this 12 track project that it’s hard to find fault with the results. The lead single, “I Believe,” is a deep and potent cut featuring the talents of JMSN while the opening track “42175” comes with a raw vulnerability to pull you in.

There’s so much to unpack in RSXGLD’s tightly constructed 12 tracks that repeated spins aren’t just a must; they’re basically automatic.  From slappers like “Err’body Know That” to conceptual joints like “Over Your Shoulder (Angel & Devil)” featuring Elzhi, and the Denaun Porter featured, “Give It All,” the success of RSXGLD lies in the fact that KT and Ro are such natural collaborators. It doesn’t hurt that they’re bringing their A-games on here, but it wouldn’t sound this good if both parties weren’t fully committed. Their desire to take the album to another level was clear from the jump, because each explained that it represents firsts for them. As mentioned, Ro is more vulnerable lyrically than ever before on here, while KT is pushing himself to create outside of his comfort zone.



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 Stream/Download (Smart URL):HERE

CD/Vinyl (Fat Beats): HERE

Watch The Video For “I Believe” Below.


01. 42175

02. Err’body Know That

03. ICU

04. Chainsaw

05. I Believe (feat. JMSN)

06. Converse (feat. Jerreau)

07. Over Your Shoulder (Angel & Devil)

08. Brilliant Cut

09. What’s Happenin’ Brutha (feat. Ronnie McNeir)

10. Give It All (feat. Denaun Porter)

11. True (feat. Royce da 5’9”, JMSN, DJ Assault)

12. Thought Bubble

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