Rimy Low Key: “Never Forget”

Rimy Low Key: “Never Forget”

Toronto singer, songwriter and producer, Rimy Low Key, dropped a new single entitled, “Never Forget”. Rimy is an up-and-coming artist who’s sound very much represents that of Toronto. “Never Forget” is a vibey and bouncy track that not only fits the signature Toronto sound, but also gives off “808s & Heartbreaks” vibes. Here’s a little bit more about Rimy, straight from Rimy himself.

“I grew up listening to artists like 50 cent, Eminem, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne. Listening to these artists I was always attracted to their stories but I never thought anybody from my city could be in their shoes until the emergence of Drake and The Weeknd. Listening to their stories had a real impact on me and it was then that I began to feel a deeper connection to music past the flashy lifestyles or street personas. I can remember the night one of my childhood friends sent me a link to ‘So Far Gone’ and sitting there really taking in every word, deciphering every flow, and admiring every story. I felt this feeling of awe again with the release of The Weeknd’s early projects and Take Care respectively. I wanted to try creating those moments for myself and a friend of mine at the time told me I should come over to record demos in his basement. Eventually those basement recordings from years ago fell into the hands of a friend of a friend who asked if he could pass around some of those early demos. I didn’t think much of it at the time but eventually I received a call one night from a producer named Akeel telling me he had heard my stuff and inviting me to record at the studio alongside my current engineer (Adam Josh). That session turned into another, and another, and another until eventually we were looking at our very first EP.”

The EP is called “Fall In Numb”. The link to the EP, as well as the link to “Never Forget” can be found below.


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