Ricky Havana: “Ricky Season” [Album Review]

I’ve said it a million times 2017 was the year of EPs for a independent artists and honestly, it’s a a solid way to introduce yourself to your audience and new potential fans. This is the case for New York emcee Ricky Havana who released his debut EP “Ricky Season” last year.

Truthfully I think “Ricky Season” is the tale of two EPs, the tone in the beginning of the EP is that of an underdog coming up and obtaining the success others questioned. “Ours” the opener on the EP has our hero speaking on the struggles he had growing up. Talks of growing up poor and dreams of making it, not for the glitz or the glamour but to help those he came up with. The production throughout the project packs a punch, with heavy distorted basslines to create that hazy feel we all know so well.

After the revealing and focused “11pm In NYC” the tone and theme of the EP changes. To finish off the project, the last three tracks seem to be more focused on women. The latter half of the EP was a bit jarring after I felt we were really getting to know Ricky on “11pm in NYC” but it’s important to note that it seems this EP was meant for the whip or the weekend party. It works here because Havana is being honest with us, he lets us in on his flaws and his journey. He isn’t pump faking, he’s giving us the entire journey, being poor, realizing your worth, glowing up, the attention that comes with it and adjust to it.

“Ricky Season” to me is an energetic project, throw it on for your friend’s birthday party and you’re guaranteed to get some heaters. That said slow it down and play it on your lonesome too, Ricky Havana’s story is in there and it’s one that needs to be told. “Ricky Season” still comes off as a fresh sampler though, I’m curious to see what a full-length from the NYC native would sound like.

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