Rick Smooth Talks “Driving Nowhere” & Tha Woe [Interview]

Rick Smooth Talks “Driving Nowhere” & Tha Woe [Interview]

Nevada artist Rick Smooth recently released his EP “Driving Nowhere”. This man has been through alot and “Driving Nowhere” is the chronicle of that journey. I was able to sit down with Rick Smooth to try to divulge more from the anti-hero. Check the interview below and peep “Driving Nowhere” HERE.

Dead End Hip Hop: For those who don’t know who is Rick Smooth?

Rick Smooth: Rick Smooth is an Artist, I take what life gives me and turn into something.

DEHH: Tell me a bit about your introduction to making music. How are your influences?

RS: Music has always been a big part of my house hold, Dominican music blasted through my NYC apartment. Then when i learned english and started expanding my reach i ended up getting into everything. My influences range from Pink Floyd to Pusha T.

DEHH: “Driving Nowhere” is definitely a different album than most of what’s come out this year, what was the inspiration behind it?

RS: The inspiration came from real life events. It all came together organically. I’m always trying to remain creative and push myself.

DEHH: Tell me a bit about the process of making the record, how did you link with BeatsCraze to handle this EP?

RS: The process was fun, i was doing a lot of experimenting. When it came to BeatsCraze, i just contacted them and started working. There was a lot of e-mailiing going on. Harrowgrove actually mixed and mastered most of the tape.

DEHH: This is a dark project, who are you trying to reach and what do you want people to walk away with when they’re done listening to “Driving Nowhere”?

RS: I didn’t really have all that in mind, i was just telling some of my personal stories. There’s a quite a bit to walk away with but, its different for everyone. That’s the beauty of music.

DEHH: “No Keys” is my favorite track because I feel it brings everything together, what exactly is “No Keys” about and how do those events effect you now?

RS: that’s dope, that song is about being more responsible. it’s just looking at everything from a distance and being to able to grow from it and evolve.

DEHH: What’s coming next for Rick Smooth? What’s coming up for in 2018?

RS: As of right now, i’m very involved in creating music with the group i’m a part of called Tha Woe. There’s also a lot of singles in the works for 2018 along with collaborations with other artists coming up. It’s going to be a big year.

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