Review: Taylor Bennett’s Restoration of an American Idol

Review: Taylor Bennett’s Restoration of an American Idol


Musical talent is a curious thing. I grew up the daughter of an extremely talented musician and over the years I never managed to quite catch on to the number of instruments my parents encouraged me to learn. I never really got that gene I suppose. The Bennett brothers are a different case. The well known, now Grammy Award-winning talent Chance the Rapper has been on the rap scene’s radar for years and his younger brother Taylor Bennett is not trailing far behind him. Taylor Bennett’s latest release Restoration of an American Idol is a nine track project that gives us a fresh taste of what the younger Bennett brother has to offer.

Taylor Bennett has an undeniably similar voice to his older brother Chance. They both play a lot with voice inflection to add depth to their sound. Their voices have a similarly cartoonish quality that makes them stand out from their peers. On the track Grown Up Fairy Tales we actually get a Chance the Rapper feature and hearing them on the same track really let’s their own difference shine. Perhaps growing up together has influenced their similarities, but Taylor isn’t Chance 2.0. Taylor’s flow is faster and his voice a little lower. He maneuvers word play in a very creative way. Taylor has such undeniable talent and he is still so young. This project is a step towards him really establishing himself as a stand out artist.

Restoration isn’t Taylor’s first project, but you can tell this project is an exploration of sorts. From his last project, 2015’s Broad Shoulders, we have seen Taylor expand his style. There is a variety of sounds being introduced that we haven’t seen from him before. This project sounds like an artist defining their style. No two tracks really sound the same, which to me says Taylor is at the point of figuring out who he is and how he is going to shine. Some of it really works for him, such as on the laid back track Roof Gone and the upbeat track Nobody Tell a Name. For a 30-minute project, it is an interesting yet easy listen. For me, I am excited to see this type of Chicago sound to continue to grow and get more attention. I will continue to come back to this project and a couple tracks will become playlist staples for me. It isn’t a stand out project, but it’s definitely the beginning of something greater.

Notable Tracks: Roof Gone, Nobody Tell a Name (Ft. Raury), Grown Up Fairy Tales (Ft. Chance the Rapper and Jeremih)

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