Relic @relmccoy @freshkils “The 13th Floor” Album review

Relic @relmccoy @freshkils “The 13th Floor” Album review

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13 has always been known as something “evil” or “superstitious“. However, triple threat (emcee, producer, engineer) artist, Relic, decides to explore within this number with his new project “The 13th Floor“. He begins the project by entering on the elevator of life and gets advised by the elevator operator to “be himself” as he is preparing to rise to the 13th floor. Relic brings thought-provoking bars as he lets us know about life and the paradox of how “the more life changes, things stay the same” with “Isn’t it Something” and “The Same thing“. He shows how our curiosity and our exhausting efforts won’t be able to close Pandora’s box. He continues speaking on the perversions of beauty with “Fire in the sky” speaking on the good and bad effects of war towards people and the earth. Within being himself on this project, Relic shows that he is done concerning himself with “the crabs hating on him for coming out of his shell“. We can see/hear this pain that he has struggled with on that issue on “Breathe easy” and “Getting Over“.


Overall, this is one of my favorite Relic projects. It completely went in a new direction from him and I can respect that. It is filled with pain and the realization of the paradoxes that we experience in life. What makes this project so special is how it articulates the problems in such a relatable and universal way. My personal favorite track off the album is “The Least of these“. The message hit home, because I was that guy he was speaking about. I was very excited to see Relic sing on more of his hooks. It adds the soul to the production and message behind the bars. Relic’s bars sound so great over Fresh Kils production. They made “Legend” sound legenary!  I highly recommend this project to show how Relic, as an emcee, just doesn’t spit…but has a purpose behind what he’s talking about. By the end of this project, you will be ready to meet Relic and Fresh Kils on the 13th floor.

The 13th Floor by RELIC

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