Red Pill & Ill Poetic- “Stars” [Music Video]

Red Pill & Ill Poetic- “Stars” [Music Video]

Michigan artist Red Pill, released a polarizing and heavy album in “Instinctive Drowning” last year with Ill Poetic. Thankfully the duo is not done pushing their record yet and today I have visuals for the track “Stars”. This time Eric Power directed the animated video and tells the story of the ever travelling samurai battling against the world but struggling to maintain.

If you haven’t listened to Pill’s “Instinctive Drowning” I strongly suggest doing so, the production from Ill Poetic is left field, trippy and spacey but fits Red Pill’s story and lyrics like a glove. You can check the video above, you can check out my review of the album HERE and below you can stream the entire album.

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