Rav.P – Slave Name Todd EP

Rav.P – Slave Name Todd EP

slaveNameTodd COVER

This self produced EP by Rav.P (@passportRav) is one that touches on the personal journey of finding self. The first generation American born Jamaican mc tells his unique story on tracks like “Yankee Bwoi.” Feeling “Ostracized” on this journey and dealing with “Trust Issues” among his peers he feels are lost, this EP “Slave Name Todd” touches on relative topics.

Slave Name Todd EP

1. Intro (Childrens, children)
2. Yankee Bwoi
3. Ostracized
4. Trust Issues
5. Black America feat Big Osh

Electric/Bass guitar played by Big Osh on “Black America”
Artwork by Brianna Renee

Listen/Download: Rav.P-Slave Name Todd EP

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