#RapReel 1|29|17 | @ErinnTsc @Trackstarz @bornsincere7 @whoisadalid @cjkingmusic @Kingbyron23 @ImaFutureKiD

#RapReel 1|29|17 | @ErinnTsc @Trackstarz @bornsincere7 @whoisadalid @cjkingmusic @Kingbyron23 @ImaFutureKiD


For those of you that don’t know about Rap Reel in Atlanta, you need to familiar. Rap Reel is a unique concert concept that allows hip hop artists to increase engagement with fans. Each performer is given 2 small sets spread throughout the show, which creates a steady steam of music (reel) while allowing the audience to get familiar with each rapper’s sound. If someone shows up late, they still have the opportunity to see each performer. If you’re there the whole night, you get to see your favorite act twice. Good times all around from the stage to the floor.

Rap Reel takes place at The Music Room which is an underground music venue with a full stage, prime sound and DJs representing music from the best elements from around the world. It’s connected to Bone Lick BBQ which serves DELICIOUS BBQ straight to you inside of the venue.

Now, that you are familiar with the venue, let’s talk about why you need to come this Sunday. This Sunday, you can see performances from great artists like Adalid, Ric Sincere and CJ King to name a few. Trackstarz will be representing that night as well. So, if you don’t have anything planned on this Sunday from [2:45] to 6:45 pm, then grab $10 and go support indie artists.

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