Rah Zen: “Ways Within” feat. Wavysight & Jeremiah Jae

Rah Zen: “Ways Within” feat. Wavysight & Jeremiah Jae

13. Ways Within art

A couple months ago I debuted some tracks from producer Rah Zen in “Changes” and “Tree of Life”. Both singles are from his upcoming solo album “Midnight Satori”. Today though, today I got a heater from Rah Zen featuring two heavyweights in Wavysight and Jeremiah Jae. I’m not going to spoil the joint for you but my excitement continues to grow for “Midnight Satori”. I will say this though, beat transitions are a rarity these days, Zen takes us from a more chill joint, to absolute banger in the second part.

Rah Zen shows versatility and reminds us that his album is still on the way. Lose yourself in the journey on “Ways Within” and get ready for “Midnight Satori” which drops August 18th.

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