Program: “Danger” feat. Mostro [Digi-Single]

Program: “Danger” feat. Mostro [Digi-Single]

Listen I’m a sucker for hip-hop that harkens back to the boom bap era of rap, some of y’all love me for it, some of y’all hate me for it. Either way, today I have a joint from Buffalo hip-hop artist Program. Program doesn’t just dip his toes in boom-bap, but takes a full cannonball into the foundation of hip-hop.

From the presentation of the digital single to the absolute grit and rawness from Program and Mostro in their single “Danger“. Also let me make it clear that Program not only emcee’s but is also the man behind the bangers on this single. It does my heart well to see artists still making unapologetic boom bap and I’m hype to see what’s to come from the Buffalo artist. Make sure you stick around though because like any single, there’s a b-side, this one with “The City” featuring Gaines from an upcoming project entitled “Tuxedo Dreams” set to drop next year. Peep the two tracks and get ready because Program is just getting started. These ain’t bars for your mama.

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