Priest Clay: “The Purple Tape” [Album Review]

Priest Clay: “The Purple Tape” [Album Review]

South Carolina’s own Priest Clay is splashing onto the scene with his newest project “The Purple Tape”. The project is nine tracks deep and I believe Clay provides a hustler’s perspective and truthfully should motivate any of us grinding to make it.

“The Purple Tape” starts off with “The Winner’s Circle” and it sets the tone for the rest of the tape. Priest Clay has been through a lot to get to this point and he not only wants to convey that story and message to you, but he’s also here to make it known that he’s coming for the throne.

The majority of the cuts on “The Purple Tape” are full of braggadocio, these tracks are perfect for the whip and your weekends. Now I must admit after a couple tracks in, you pretty much know what you’re getting lyrically from Priest Clay. That said, I believe it’s his ear for beats that keeps the tape fresh, tracks like “Motivational Music” gives Clay a different canvas to rap on.

My only real glaring gripe with “The Purple Tape” is the track “A Hunnid”. While most of the album sounds like Clay is in his pocket, “A Hunnid” reaches a bit too far. There are some portions of the track where Priest Clay takes a sing-song rap approach and it flat-out doesn’t work. Using a guest appearance to handle some of the vocals might’ve been a better route to take on this track.

“The Purple Tape” is a lesson in what it takes to make it. A lot of artists talk about it, but Priest Clay is actually about it. The closer “Lonely” has Priest Clay stressing all the sweat and work it took to get him here and it’s the perfect closing statement to end the album. It’s clear there’s still some growing to do as an artist and I don’t believe we’ve seen Priest Clay’s final form, however “The Purple Tape” is a solid introduction to an emcee who clearly has a vivid story to tell. I’d like to see what happens when Priest Clay focuses a bit more on songwriting and creating a cohesive poignant project. But “The Purple Tape” is a great start.

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