PREMIERE: Musa Reems – 44 4’s (Prod. Curbside Jones)

PREMIERE: Musa Reems – 44 4’s (Prod. Curbside Jones)

Musa Reems is back, with Curbside Jones with another collaboration. Instead of a five track EP, the pair have teamed up for Reems new single 44 4’s (No relation to Jay-Z) with production from Curbside.

On the single Reems rhymes his way through the two minutes and ten seconds. The lyrical raps he showcased with his EP are still alive and well. He speeds through the song talking about where he’s been as a rapper, some of his trials and tribulations making it in music, and who he’s doing it for. He does indeed rhyme a total of 44 instances of saying the word “for” in the song as well.

The production from Curbside is grimy and rough around the edges with a pulse of its own providing Reems withe blueprint for quick witted rhymes that tells us a lot for the Chicago based rapper.

Follow Musa and Curbside on their respective Twitter’s and check out Musa’s Bandcamp here!

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