Premiere: EK – Blvd Of Sirens Ft. Chei Afrique (Music Video)

Premiere: EK – Blvd Of Sirens Ft. Chei Afrique (Music Video)

EK’s new video “BLVD of Sirens” delivers a powerful, socially conscious message. Back by the haunting vocals of vocalist Chei Afrique, the Nigerian-born artist delivers a strong record addressing the plight of the many harsh realities of city life that’s built around drugs and dreams of an NBA career. The video fully captures the message EK is focused on delivering without allowing you any room for escape.

“Blvd of Sirens” is off EK’s “Hands of Time” EP which is out now. “Blvd of Sirens” is the second video off the EP which dropped July 1st.

EK Bio:

Listen/Download: EK-Hands of Time

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