Phlow Debuts Her EP “Mind,Body And Phlow” [Album Stream]

Phlow Debuts Her EP “Mind,Body And Phlow” [Album Stream]

I have spent the entire week listening to Elzhi and Royce. These two Detroit city repping emcees just released projects respectively and I must say, they just raised the standard for me. On the flip side, I still search for that alternative, lost in the coalmine, dusty material from the four corners of the globe and what I came across is this emcee called Phlow.

Phlow is a Lagos, Nigeria based emcee who has been spitting for a minute. She dropped a single late last year but now is back in the fold with a 7 track Ep titled “Mind,Body And Phlow“. Her delivery is a mix of Eve and Nicki Minaj (the weird nuances and inflections), which is not a bad thing. Lyrically she shines for the most part plus she stays away from the usual sex driven material that is the norm now so that gets a thumbs up from me. Musically; the EP blends boombap and soul while pretty much ignoring the trap music influence prevalent in this era. A lot of potential here I must say and it’s something I would recommend to all out there as it’s hard to fathom that this came out of Nigeria.

*props to the DareDevil sample used to kick things off: True fans would know*


01. Intro
02. Reputation
03. Reminder (feat. Gogo)
04. Looking at Nobody (feat. Maka)
05. Bank It
06. The Final One (feat. Maka)
07. Reputation (Remix)

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