Phay – Lawd Please (Prod. by RASCAL)

Phay – Lawd Please (Prod. by RASCAL)

It’s rare that I ever listen to music sent to me on Twitter. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that I have so much happening all at once that I don’t have time to really digest any of it. We were casually mentioned on this record and seeing that he was from Atlanta, where we are based, I decided to give it a listen. It took a few days but hey, better late than never.

Phay (@phayweather) delivers some nice verses on here addressing how hard life is on a day to day basis. At times during the hook, he kind of reminded me of R. Kelly. I’m not saying he’s as gifted vocallly as R. Kelly but, having listened to every single thing R has dropped, there are moments in the hook where it sounds like something he would do if he was singing the hook.

It should be noted that the beat sounds like the same beat from Chance’s “Juke Jam.” Both rappers took two different approaches to the beat and even though I heard Chances song first, I didn’t pick up on that when I first listened to it. Beezy actually pointed it out to me. That doesn’t take away from the song at all. It’s still a pretty dope record and has it’s own identity to it.

Phay has new music coming out this Friday as part of his PhayFridays series. I’ll post that when we get it as well. Enjoy the record.

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